Walk That Freedom Highway

When I was a kid, our family took more than a few road trips. All of us in the RV, and singing along to whatever my Grandfather was belting out. For all I know, the radio was broken. Sitting up front with him was the coveted spot. Nothing beat the wide open views as we made our way down to wherever we were headed. Granted this was a few decades ago, so my memory may prove a little fuzzy, but it would usually begin with Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again”. It’s not the song which got us started as we headed out that strikes a chord now, but the one which kept us going when we’d pull over for lunch. There were no diners, lunch was hot dogs and whatever my Mother and Grandmother brought along. We’d stop to take in the scenery, and my Grandfather would start singing another song. It’s this song which helps keep me going now.

Skip head a few decades, and as the 2016 Presidential race got underway, I realized I was paying closer attention to aspects within it which I usually ignore. After the Primaries, my attention became even more focused. One could have made the argument I was obsessed. They wouldn’t have been wrong. I wanted to start a blog months ago, but couldn’t have been more indecisive as to where to begin. For days following the election, I was in a daze. I watched the Inauguration, and became even more depressed. However, it wasn’t the depression which weighed on me the most. It was the anxiety. I found myself dealing with a level of anxiety I’ve never experienced in regard to politics. I still do. Every. Single. Day. Early on, like a lot of fellow American’s, I joked that if Hillary Clinton lost I’d move to Canada. When the unimaginable happened, I steeled myself against such thoughts. I was angry. Not because she lost, but out of fear for what the (then) incoming Administration would do to our country. There are so many issues I’ll write about, but the one which bothers me the most is Immigration. This is a nation of Immigrants. Unless you’re Native American, you’re either a descendant of an Immigrant, or you are one yourself. Without Immigrants, America wouldn’t be the great nation it is today. Building walls will not change that. Signing bans will not change that. No one needs to “Make America Great Again”. America is already great!


Oh, that song I mentioned earlier? It’s Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”.


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The Left Angle Matters
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